Fact Sheets

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Job Transition Assessment (PDF document. Size 95 Kb)  

Reasons to Hire a Business Coach (PDF document. Size 104 Kb)

Midlands Business Networking Organisations UPDATED July 2015   (PDF document. Size: 165Kb)
These are not recommendations, but merely suggestions. In some cases, I am a member, in others I know of people who are members. However, there are others where I merely know that the organisation exists.

In each case, you need to be sure that you will get value for money from your membership, that you can meet any obligations (eg to turn up to breakfast every week in some cases) and that you fit in with the people and share the ethos. In particular, ensure that members of the organisation fall within your target market. Any organisation worth joining will allow you to come along as a guest before joining.

Sample Prevue Selection Report

Sample Prevue Working Characteristics Report

Prevue Brochure (PDF document. Size 74 Kb)

AQR's brochure for the Prevue personality test, useful in recruitment and succession planning.

Solicitors Helplines (PDF document. Size: 36Kb)
The Law Society help lines provide advice, support and access to pastoral care for solicitors. Some of these help lines can also be contacted online, by e-mail and by fax. Go to the websites for further information.

Please note: These help lines are for solicitors, their staff and (in some cases) their families only and are not available to members of the public.

Personality Tests (PDF document. Size: 33Kb)
Personality tests can be a useful way of understanding an individual, but they should be used with caution for specific purposes, and never be on their own.

Some tests go further, giving an insight into teams and organisations when undertaken by team members. Again there is a danger in their use as sole uncorroborated evidence.

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